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Homework Help: Physics- bungee jump

Posted by Casey on Monday, June 6, 2011 at 3:28pm.

A tall bald student (height 2.1 meters and mass 91.0 kg) decides to bungee jump off a bridge 36.7 meters above the river. The bungee cord is 25.3 meters long as measured from the attachment at the bridge to the foot of the jumper. Treat the bungee as an ideal spring and the student as a 2.1 meter rod with all the mass at the midpoint. This particular student desires to stay dry. What is the minimum spring constant (N/m) of the bungee that will allow the student to get as close as possible to the water but still stay dry? Assume that he beings at a standing position and "falls" from the bridge.

This is what I did but it turned out to be incorrect. Can anyone correct my errors? Thank you so much

25.3m + 27.4 m = 27.4m

(91.0kg)(9.8 m/s^2)(36.7 + 1.05)
= 33665.45

work = Fd
33665.45/9.3 = 3619.94 N

3619.94/9.3m = 389N/m

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