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1. Tu te prépares pour l'école en combien de minutes?

Je prépare pour l'ecole en trente minutes.

2. Est-ce que tu te rases chaque jour?

How would I say.. No I do not shave ( Obviously not, since I'm a girl)

Non, je ne me rase pas ?

3. Qu'est-ce que tu fais quand tu es en retard?

This question is also wierd.

I was thinking of replying with just j'attends. Anything else?

4. Est-ce que tu te peignes les cheveux en cours de français?

Is it asking..Do I get to comb my hair in French class?

Non, je ne peigne pas mes cheveux en cours de français.

5. Selon toi, est-ce que les filles de ton école se macquillent beaucoup?

Oui, selon moi, les filles de mon école se macquillent beaucoup.

6. Comment est-ce que tu te désguises pour le 31 octobre?

Je me déguiser en fée pour le 31 octobre.

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    1. Tu te prépares = if there is a Reflexive Verb in the question, there must be a Reflexive Verb in the answer = Je me prépare

    2. exactement!

    3. Perfectly good question = What do you do when you are late? Here's a good Reflexive Verb = se dépêcher = to hurry Try it?

    4. Not "do you get to" but "Do you comb your hair in French class?

    The answer MUST be Reflexive = Non, je ne me peigne pas LES cheveux = memorize this: "parts of the body and articles of clothing use the definite article, if it's clear WHOSE it is" Check the question which used a Reflexive Verb and LES cheveux. There was a reason for that.

    5. bon!

    6. oops = make sure the verb ending agrees with the subject. This is an -er verb = Je me déguise

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • FRENCH - ,

    5. ...maquillent...

  • FRENCH - ,

    Now I know why that looked odd to me! Thanks MathMate! (Note the hour of my response after having no sleep the night before!)


  • FRENCH - ,

    I know what it's like.

    I have had some late night answers that I didn't recognize the next day!

  • FRENCH - ,

    se maquiller, se déguiser, mind your spelling!

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