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Can anyone check my HOMEWORK for me?
Its due today..thank you .
I am writinfg an essay, 2 paragraphs with a minimum of 350 words. I am to explaining my point of view and what I plan to accomplish on my final essay for the sememester. I have chosen a Topic already for the final and I am summarizing some plans for this topic.
I will take any advice or opinions.
Thanks so much.

My reason for writing this essay is to explain to individual’s why it is important to have a retirement plan and not rely on Social Security. When I write my essay I will argue against the topic “In the United States, we do not need to plan for retirement. Social Security will cover our needs when we are retired.” I will research many sources on the topic, along with my own research of others opinions, and my own opinion. I believe a strong case can be made against the topic, considering the baby boomers generation reaching retirement stage. With the baby boomers reaching retirement stage there will be less people working than there were when social security was put into place, and more people retiring. This is a great cause for us to consider IRA, and considering Social Security as a supplement. In my own opinion: When Social Security was put into place it was intended as a supplement, not a retirement plan. No one knows the expected cost for the future, so you can not solely rely on a Social Security. To live comfortably in your old age I will stress to individual’s the importance of having an IRA or 401k plan.

In this essay, I want to not only stress to individual’s about the importance of a retirement plan, I want to make them want to start a retirement plan. If you are the generation after the baby boomers, there will be no Social Security for you to live on. Who Can just live on the Social Security benefits? That is exactly what it is a benefit, or supplement. In your old age Medical expenses are an all the time thing. Medicare covers a percentage, but who will pay the rest? How much Social Security do you expect to get each month? Do you Believe you can cover the additional medical premiums or prescriptions? There are questions that need to be considered and I want to ask them. When you ask questions, you capture the reader. I believe that everyone should know the expected, and what they can do to prevent themselves from being without a comfortable retirement.

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    This looks good -- except --

    no apostrophe in individuals -- it's a simple plural and not a possessive

    Social Security should always be capitalized.

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    Thank you very much

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