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Posted by Sharon on Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 8:25pm.

Will someone please let me know if I chose the right answer for my 10 questions? I will indicate my answer that I chose with (MY CHOICE)

1. Factors that distort the way the independent variable affects the dependent variable are referred to as:


placebo effects.

experimental bias.=(MY CHOICE)

participant biases.

2. The hormone oxytocin has been implicated in many behaviors, including:

the urge to nurse newborn infants.
the desire to seek or respond
to potential sexual partners.

the development of trust in others.

All of these -(MY CHOICE)

3. The formal beginning of psychology is associated with:

Wundt. =(MY CHOICE)




4. The approach psychologists use to acquire information about behavior in a systematic fashion is called:

critical thinking.

informed speculation.

the scientific method.=(MY CHOICE)

educated guessing.

5. The process by which the brain reorganizes itself throughout development is termed:


neuroplasticity. =(MY CHOICE)



6. The brain and the spinal cord constitute the _________ nervous system.

central =(MY CHOICE)




7. Which of the following are mentioned in your text as implications of the underrepresentation of racial and ethnic minorities among American psychologists?

Minority members may be deterred from entering the field in the first place.

The field lacks the diversity of perspectives that the increased representation of minorities would bring.

Members of minority groups may be discouraged from seeking treatment for psychological disorders.

All of the above are true. =(MY CHOICE)

8. Psychology is defined as:

the science of behavior.

the study of mental processes.

the study of mental disorders and their treatment.

the science of behavior and mental processes.=(MY CHOICE)

9. The branch-like fibers extending in clusters from the neuronís cell body are called:


terminal buttons.

glial fibers.

dendrites.=(MY CHOICE)

10. In an experiment, the independent variable is:

applied to the control group.

randomized across groups.

measured by the researcher.

deliberately manipulated by the researcher.=(MY CHOICE)

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