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These three are connected to 240V main supply :
Grill = 6A
Desk lamp = 0.6A
Convector heater = 4.5
a(ii) which of these has the greatest resistance ? Explain how you can tell.
(ii) calculate the resistance of the grill
(iii) calculate the power rating of the convector heater
(b) the plug fitted to the convector heater has three wires : live,neutral,earth.
(i) which wire in the plug has no current passes in normal circumstances. Explain the safety of this wire.
(ii) why is it important that the wire connecting the heater to the main supply have a low resistance?

  • Physics -

    Someone will be happy to critique your thoughts. The three apliances are wired in parallel to the 240 V supply. Because of Ohm's Law, current is inversely proportional to resistance.

    Take it from there.

    The subject is physics, not physic. A physic is a laxative.

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