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Posted by Henry1 on Saturday, June 4, 2011 at 4:42am.

Can you please check these sentences? I'm unsure about the use of synonyms. Thank you.

1)Dr Jekyll creates a potion capable to release (or of realising) his evil side.
2) For this purpose, he uses a particular salt, adds it to other componenents and brings them to the boil. Once the ebullition has subsided (I need a synonym), he drinks the potion.
3) First,he suffers horrible agonies but then he experiences a sense of freedom in his increased weakdness. His evil side has always been dominated by the good and is therefore much less exercised.
4) Once Hyde, his evil side, is released, he achieves domination over (Can you say "he has a complete hold over"?) the Jekyll aspect, so that he is left in front of two choices.
5) He may either choose a life of crime and deprivity or the Jekyll aspect must eliminate Hyde by killing him. He eventually opts for the second choice.

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