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I just wanted to know if the tense choice is correct. Thank you in advance. (The poet remembers seeing a crowd of daffodils).

1) In the first stanza Wordsworth describes the daffodils (as) lying beside the lake, beneath the trees.
2) In the second stanza the daffodils are portrayed as continuous as the stars in the milky way since they stretch (or stretched) in a never-ending line.
3) They tossed their heads in sprightly dance and outdid the waves in glee.
4) The sight of the flowers brings the poet delight, but he realizes it only afterwards when memory brings back the scene .

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    Yes, the tense is right.

    1. comma needed; keep "as"

    2. comma needed; remove "continuous" and use "numerous" or "multitudinous"

    3. OK

    4. OK

    (I've read these before, right?)

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