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How do i find X in e^(0.50/x) on a scientific calc?

do I use LN, and if so, could you pls tell me how I can plug it in?

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    actually the e is a variable with the value 1.56x10^20

    So, I have to find X in [1.56x10^20]^(0.50/X)

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    To find an unknown (x), you need an equation.
    What has been supplied is an expression containing x. Does it equal some value?

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    its actually a physics question

    q=(2 coul)[1.56x10^20]^([0.50/sec][t])

    t=time in sec.

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    The full question:

    The charge (in coul.) on an object increases according to q=(2 coul)e^[(o.05/sec)(t)], where t=time in sec. At how many sec. is the object deficient 1.56x10^20 electrons (from neutral)?

    A 0 B 12.56 C 21.94 D 28 E 42.21 F 50.5

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    One coulomb = 6.24150965(16)×10^18 electrons.

    1.56*10^20 electrons
    = 1.56*10^20/6.24150965(16)×10^18 coulombs
    =25 coulombs

    So the equation becomes:
    25 coulombs = 2 coulombs * e^(0.05t)
    e^(0.05t) = 25/2=12.5
    take ln on both sides:
    0.05t = ln 12.5 = 2.526
    t = 2.526/0.05 = 50.5 sec.

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