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Homework Help: Louis Riel Summation to Jury

Posted by Emma on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 8:03pm.

Yesterday I went through all the paragraphs and wrote brief summaries of them in my words. here are a couple of questions with my answers that I added on to.They are the ones from yesterday that I needed help with.

What is Riels purpose in making this speech?

Riel's purpose in Making this speech is to explain to the Jury and to the other Canadians that they should so something to help the Metis live a more sustainable life. His purpose is to point out how his Metis are getting treated unfairly and how that "unfair" behaviour towards them should change. He wants his Metis to earn respect and he wants them to have their rights, which they aren't being given by the Canadians. He wants them to be seen equally as the Canadians. His other purposes are to point out how their isn't a fair representation of the people of the Northwest. He wants all the people to have the same rights as each other. He doesn't want conflicts occuring, he just wishes for all the people to have respect and for them to get accepted by others.

Is that his only purpose? I don't see any other purposes.

What is Riel's tone while giving this speech?

He has a serious and strict tone. He doesn't seem to be yelling, but he is expressing his emotions in a calm way.
He seems to be begging for justice to be given to his people.

Anything else? I wanted to say like..he's sad, but not that sad at the same time. He doesn't seem mad either. He's just in the middle of both of these terms.

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