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An obsever is looking out to sea from the top of a building that is 30 m above sea leavel. He observera ship at an angle of depression of 10. How far is the ship from the foot of the bulding?

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    Let O represent the observer,
    B = base of the building (vertically below the observer O), and
    S = the observed ship.

    OBS represents a right-triangle right-angled at B.

    Angle of depression
    = 10°

    Solve the right triangle:
    OB = 30m
    &BSO = 10°

    tan(10°)=OB/BS = 30m / BS
    Solve for BS
    BS = 30m /tan(10°)
    =30m / 0.17633 (approx.)
    = 170 m (approx.)

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