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Define the linear charge density of an infinitely long thread, if the work force field to move a charge Q = 1 nC at a distance r ₁ = 5 cm to r ₂ = 2 cm in the direction perpendicular to the filament is 50 uJ.

Определить линейную плотность заряда бесконечно длинной нити, если работа сил поля по перемещению заряда Q = 1 нКл с расстояния r₁ = 5 cм до r₂ = 2 см в направлении перпендикулярном нити равна 50 мкДж.

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    I am not sure how much your book gives you.
    I will assume that you know that:
    E = [ 1/(2pieo) ] lambda/r
    where lambda = charge per unit length
    r is distance perpendicular to the line
    Voltage potential of point a at ra with respect to potential at point b at rb is:
    Va -Vb = integral from a to b of E dr
    = [lambda/(2pieo)]integral dr/r
    = [lambda/(2pieo)] ln (rb/ra)
    calculate that
    work done = charge* voltage difference

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