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Sunae's group of close friends are going to fifth grade in September. All are going to Belleview Elementary and their homerooms will be rooms 12, 14, or 16. All of her friends but 4 are going to room 12, all but 4 are going to room 14, and all but 4 are going to room 16. Not counting Sunae, how many children are in her group of close friends?

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    Try to see if 2 friends to each of rooms 12, 14 and 16 works.

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    Ok idk haah post if u like this coment

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    The answer is 6.

    The rooms could just have well been labeled A, B, C.
    6-4=2 Room A
    6-4=2 Room B
    6-4=2 Room C


    or since all but 4 are going into each room, the 4 going into other rooms are split equally into 2 and 2.


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