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Posted by james on Friday, May 27, 2011 at 12:16pm.

I REALLY need help in this Double Shift word problem by Gloria Rosenthal.
The following real or fictional people all "do" or "did" something; their activities are dependent on their names. From each clue, identify the person, take their first name or surname (whichever one wasn't given), and change exactly one letter to discover their activity. All other letters stay where they are, and every answer consists of a two-word phrase. For example, "Franklin wagered" equals BEN BET.
1. Santa applauds
2. Fleming sought office
3. Ray pays with plastic
4. Domino dines
5. Connie held tight
6. Sal sought gold
7. Kennedy got hitched
8. Savage skipped town
9. Glenn selected
10. Ethan stopped suddenly
11. Gregory sharpens a knife
12. Tom makes a deposit
13. Spike was first in line
14. Jimmy leaves out
15. Albert roughs it
16. Charles haggles
17. Vonnegut ached
18. Johnny threw out a line
19. Standish does office work
20. Abbott made an offer

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