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Posted by Shodipo john Olawale on Friday, May 27, 2011 at 7:55am.

File version maintenance utility
A team of software developers has been asked to develop a file version maintenance utility . The utility should maintain all the 
version of a file. When a user modifies a file, the current version of the file should be stored separately before the update
operation is executed. The application should also keep a records of:
• The date and time of the modification.
• The name of the user who modified the file.
The File Version Maintenance Utility should be designed to meet the following specification
• It should be a console based application for a standalone machine.
• It should provide menu options to perform various activities.
• For every file maintained by the utility, a history folder should be maintained. The history folder should contain the previous 
versions of the file.
• A user needs to provide a user name and password to log on to the utility.
• Users of two types, normal users and administrators.
• After successful logon, a normal user can perform the following tasks.
1. Add, modify, delete, and view files
2. View previous versions of a file
• A user with administrative rights should be able to perform the following task after logging on:
1. Add, modify, delete, and view files
2. View previous versions of a file
3. Create new user accounts
• When a user edits a file, the current version of the file should be copied to the history folder. After that, the modifications in the 
file should be saved.
• The different versions of a file need to be stored with different names in history folder. The name of a version can be chosen in 
the< File Name>_<w Version Number> format. For example, the first two versions of the file named EmployeeDetails.txt can be 
Stored in the History folder as EmployeeDetails_1.txt and EmployeeDetails_2.txt.
• A user can list the version history of a file. After listing the various versions of the file, the user can view any version of the file by
providing the version number.
• A user can also replace the current version of the file with any of its previous versions
• When a file is deleted, its complete version history should be deleted.

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