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Posted by Sydney on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 7:58pm.

We just started learning about Reflexive Verbs. And We learned how they are supposed to be in the Past tense, but our focus right now is only on the Present tense. And for the present tense I am wondering whether I need agreement or not? Cause I believe agreement is only added in the Passe compose. And I dont need to conjugate with etre either, cause that's for the passe compose too. So I don't need a helping verb for the present tense?


Mon Horaire
(Basically I'm just telling about my morning routine) I have to conjgate in the present tense.

1. Je me réveille à 6h20.

2. Je me lève à 6h30.

3. Je me lave à 6h35.

4. Je me brosse les dents à 6h45

5. Je m'habille à 6h50.

6. Je mange le petit déjeuner à 7h00.

7. Je regarde la télé à 7h15.

8. Je vais à l'école à 8h00.

9. Je rentre à la maison à 3h00.

10. J'étudie à 4h00.

11. Je me déshabille à 8h00.

12. Je me couche à 8h30.

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