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Algebra 2

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Are the functions f and g inverse functions if f(x)=5/3x+1 and g(x)=3(x-1)/5?

I need all of the steps on how to determine this.
I need this ASAP because this assignment is due tomorrow.

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    Hey, it is pretty exasperating when you ask us to do all your problems without making any attempt yourself.
    However when you do not bother to figure out where parentheses might be it is really irritating.
    As you write this is one thing, but maybe you mean:
    f(x)=5/(3x+1) and g(x)=3(x-1)/5?
    That does not work
    if you really mean
    y = (5/3) x + 1 or equivalently y=5x/3 + 1
    then invert y and x
    x = (5/3)y+1 and solve for y
    3x = 5 y + 3
    3(x-1) = 5 y
    y = 3(x-1)/5
    that works

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