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3. A box company produces two sizes of pizza boxes. The smaller box has a surface area of 260 square inches. The larger box has a length, width, and height that are twice those of the smaller box. What is the surface area of the larger box?

A. 520 square inches
B. 1,040 square inches
C. 1,560 square inches
D. It cannot be determined from the information given.

Is the answer D ??? Don't I need more information to solve this problem??

  • Geometry -

    As=2(W*H) + 2(L*H) + 2(W*L=Surface area.

    Doubling each dimension multiplies each
    term by 4 which multiplies our Eq by 4.
    Therefore, the surface area of the larger box is 4 times the smaller box.

    As = 4 * 260 = 1,040in^2 = "B"

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