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If a rectangular solid has a volume of 27 and at least one edge the length of 3,which of the following Must be true?
My thoughts lead me to think D is the answer,but I,m not sure??

a.The solid is a cube

b.Exactly 4 edges of the solid have a length of 3

c.Exactly 6 edges of the solid have a length of 3

d.The product of the lengths of at least one pair of edges of the solid must equal 9.

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    V = L*W*H = 27.
    3*W*H = 27,
    Divide both sides by 3:
    W*H = 9. Satisfies choice "d".

    V = 3*3*3 = 27. Satisfies choice "a".

    Since the solid is a cube, choices a,c,
    and d appears to be true.

    Try to get a 2nd opinion.

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