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identify gerunds and then write how its used:S is subject PN predicate nominative DO direct object OP object of a preposition.

1)CHEERING the team gave me a sore throat
2)Joanna's mother enjoys PRESERVING fruits and vegetables
3)We stopped him from TELLING the secret
4)Alicia's worst fashion habit is WEARING her sweater inside out
5)PLAYING chess takes a great deal of concentration
6)One of the most dangerouse sports is SKIING down almost-vertical slopes
7)Mr.Kal doesn't approve of COMING late
8)Thank you for LISTENING to my explenation
9)To get rid of the skunk odor, try WASHING the dog with tomato juice
10)HEARING the wind moan scared the children

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    You've identified the gerunds.

    We'll be glad to check your identification of them.

    To get you started, 1 (CHEERING) is the subject and 2 (PRESERVING) is the direct object.

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