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Posted by Angelina on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 8:18pm.

**Are the adverbs and adjectives correct?
**Are there any other adverbs or adjectives i missed?
**The adverbs are surronded by <> and the adjectives are surronded by (). **The second paragraph is the second part of the assingment, are than any grammar errors in it, and does it make since?
**Thank you in advance for anyone who helps me.

Describe your experience with credit and credit cards in a brief paragraph using at least five adverbs and five adjectives in your description. Bold the adverbs and underline the adjectives. What is the most effective way to determine whether a word is an adjective or an adverb?

I <personally> have had a bad experience with (credit) cards. I did not use my credit card <responsibly> after I moved out of my foster parent’s house. I started using my card for too (much) household items I did <not> need. After they cut my hours back at work it was <very> (hard) to make the (minimum) payments on my card. I ended paying the credit card company off two years later. I <currently> only have (one) credit card for emergency use only.

The most effective way to determine if a word is an adjective or an adverb is to look at the word it modifies. If the word modifies a noun (person, place, or thing) than the word is has to be an adjective. If the word modifies a verb (something you do) than the word is a adverb. An easy way to tell is adverbs usually end in “ly” if unsure of which word it modifies.

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