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Discuss your recommendation to the customer based on both mathematical reasoning and contextual details. Your discussion should include the following:

How the algebraic evaluation and graph support the recommendation

Any relevant contextual details that pertain to the recommendation (e.g., flexibility, distance, availability, etc.)

1. Discuss the different options and the customers needs.

This is what my answer is

Company A has a 10% discount for every dollar spent so the teacher only has to pay 90% of the price. This is shown in the graph with the blue curve.

Company B has a 20% discount for every dollar spent above $20, but there is no discount for anything under $20. This is shown in the graph with the red curve.

So when x is less than $40 company As curve is below company Bs curve so company A offers the better price for purchases below $40.

When x is greater than $40 company As curve is above company Bs curve so company B offers the better price for purchases above $40.

When x = 40 the curves intersect so at $40 the companies prices are the same.

The best choice for the teacher depends on the amount that he/she is going to spend. If its less than $40 the best choice is company A but if its more than $40 company B is the best choice.

Company A is y = .90x. So .90(40) is 36 so when x is less than 40 company As price is lower which is the better price for purchases.

Company B is y =x when x is less than or equal to $20. So 40 = 40. This is at the point when the companys prices are the same.

Company B is y = .80x + 4. So .80(40) + 4 is 36. So at this point when the teacher is purchasing $40 or more company B is the better price.

So company A is the best selection for the teacher when making small purchases and company B is for larger purchases.

Teachers Response Back:

The solution point is appropriately referenced, but the discussion lacks a specific recommendation based on the needs of the hypothetical customer. Revise to provide such a recommendation.

The two cost options are appropriately reviewed, but remember to review the needs of the customer as well.

Not Sure what else they are looking for any Suggestions?

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