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1 As a teacher aide, if you report an incident of child abuse
A you must be able to prove you allegations to authorities
B you'll most likely be asked to testify in court
C you should keep all information related to the case confidential
D you're required to contact the child's parents first

2 Prior to filling a report of child abuse, it's suggested that you or your school do which of the following?
A provide a written warning notice to the parents
B document incidents of possible abuse that are observed
C have the agreement of the child involved before making the report
D collect as much evidence as possible

3 Which of the following best describes a child who has been abused?
A The child will usually be eager to answer you questions
B the child is more mature than other children
C the child typically forms strong friendships
D the child may be quiet and tentative

4 If you suspect a child is being abused, but he or she is hesitant about sharing information with you, you should
A try asking questions about the suspected abuse, a few at a time, over a period of several days
B report the suspected abuse to you school administrator or child protection agency, even if the child discloses no details
C have the teacher contact the parents and request a parent-teacher conference as soon as possible
D see if the child would be willing to idscuss the circumstances with a friend

1 C
2 D
3 D
4 B
Are this the right answers?

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