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Algebra 2

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Find the geometric mean of each pair of numbers.
1/12, 1/18
I understand to multiply 1/12 * 1/18 and take the sqrt of the answer. But, what would be the sqrt of (1/288)?

-18, -36 I got 25.46 for my answer.

  • Algebra 2 -

    Geometric Mean is the nth root of the
    product of a set of numbers. So when
    there's 2 numbers, take the square root
    of the product. When there's 3 numbers,
    take the cube root of the product and so on.

    1. sqrt(1/12*1/18) = sqrt(1/216) = 1/14.697 = 0.06804.

    2. 25.46 is correct.

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