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The surface area of a rectangular prism is 190 square inches, the length is 10 inches, and the width 3 inches. Find the height.

  • Geomertry -

    Substitute 4d for e in second equation and solve for d. Insert that value into the first equation and solve for e. Check by inserting both values into the second equation.

    See your later post.

  • Geomertry -

    The following areas are equal:

    1. Front and Back.

    2. Left and right.

    3. Top and Bottom.

    Therefore, we calculate 3 areas and
    multiply each by 2 to get the 6 areas:

    As=2(3*h) + 2(10*h) + 2(10*3)=1901n^2.
    6h + 20h + 60 = 190,
    26h = 190 - 60 = 130,
    h = 5in.

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