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Chemistry 12

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Hey guys i only have this question left on my review and i just can't fingure it out!

Sketch a pH curve for the titration of 40.00mL of 0.100 M hydrazine, H2NNH2, having a K of 3.0x10^-6 by 0.100 M HCIO4

a) what combination of acide-base titration is this? (SA-SB; SA-WB; or SB-WA)

b)Identify and buffering regions.

c) What is the predicted apporximate pH at equivalence point?

d) What is the voliume of HCIO4 added at the equivalence point?

e) How many "quantitative" or "stoichiometric" reactions are taking place?

f) Write an equation for any hydrolysis reaction taking place.

G) suggest a suitable indicator for this titration. Explain

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