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i have two questions.

1. generally speaking, if the pressure of a gas is tripled, what will happen to its volume?

2. If I take 2000L of gas at STP and squish it into a gas 15.0L gas cylinder, what will be the pressure inside the cylinder, assuming the temperature is kept constant?

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    (1) assuming the gas is ideal, the volume becomes 1/3 of the original.

    (2) recall that STP, pressure is at 1 atm. assuming the gas is ideal,
    P1*V1 = P2*V2
    P1 = initial pressure
    V1 = initial volume
    P2 = final pressure
    V2 = final volume
    1*2000 = (P2)*15
    P2 = 2000/15
    P2 = 133.33 atm

    hope this helps~ :)

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    thank you very much!

    if you could help me with this as well i would be very appreciative!

    A steel container holds 750.L of O2 gas at STP.
    a) how many moles of O2 does the container hold?
    b)how many grams of O2 does the container hold?
    c) if the pressure were reduced by removval of gas until it was Hg, what mass of gas would remain in the tank?

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