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the only part i cant figure out is the max static friction force that acts on the block. please help show me how to find it

Suppose a block with mass 2.00 kg is resting on a ramp. If the coefficient of static friction between the block and the ramp is 0.320, what maximum angle can the ramp make with the horizontal before the block starts to slip down?

Use the values from PRACTICE IT to help you work this exercise. The ramp in the figure is roughed up and the experiment repeated.
(a) What is the new coefficient of static friction if the maximum angle turns out to be 29.6°?
its 0.567

(b) Find the maximum static friction force that acts on the block.

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    force down ramp=force friction up rame


    a) mu=tan29.6

    b) max friction force=mu*mg*cosTheta

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    this equation isnt giving me the right answer :/

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    Find the fg y component because that is equal to the "n" in the equation:

    F(static friction) = mu x n

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