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i need to calculate download time for file which is 4GB and the speed is 43.2 kbps.

i know i have to divide file size by the speed and to change GB to KB but not sure how to change GB to kbps?

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    Kb means 1000 bytes
    MB = 1000 KB
    GB = 1000 MB = 1000000Kb

    so 4 GB / 43.2 kb/s = 1000000/(43.2 kb/sec)
    = 23148.1 seconds

    divide by 60 to get into minutes, then by 60 again to get it into hours.

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    File sizes are given in bytes, while download speeds are given in bits.

    4 GB = 4*1024 MB = 4*1024^2 KB = 4*1024^3 Bytes - 4*1024^3*8 bits.

    43.2kbps = 43.2*1000 bits per second.

    The time required is 795.364s, or 220.935 hours.

    Note that 43.2kbps is quite a low bandwidth.

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