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A 2.00 kg blob of Gak, moving at 4.0 m/s, strikes a motionless figure skater in the back and sticks. The skater, with the Gak on her back, glides off at 0.160 m/s. Calculate the skater’s mass.

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    Neglect friction (because of the ice skates)and assume conservation of momentum. That results in the equation

    2.00*4.0 = (M + 2.00)*0.160

    Solve for M, which will be in units of kg

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    mvi + mvi(2) = mvf + mvf(2) all energy is conserved
    2(4) = (m + 2).16 (the masses are now combined)
    8 = .32m
    m = 25 kg

    your welcome

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    Ok you guys are retarded and definitely do not know your PEMDAS. The correct answer is 48 kg...

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