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Hi, my name is Jane:). Math is my worst subject ever, so it surprised me how I'm in the advanced class! The teacher doesn't exactly explain things well and I'm not easily understanding the lessons. He told me if I don't turn in this packet we'll have detention. I didn't think the packet was that important so I didn't do it (which was dumb:P). If I don't turn it in by 8:00 a.m. I have detention but I don't understand this question; a triangular prism has a surface area 257 inches squared. The lateral area is 201 inches squared. Find the area of one of the bases. Can some one please explain to me how to do it the easiest way possible?

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    oh whoops no i ok, so surface area is when you take the area of each face, and add it up. lateral area is like the surface area of an object, but the measurements of the base are not counted on lateral area. so, to solve this, you do:

    257 sq in(surface area)
    -201 sq in(lateral area)
    56 sq in(area of both bases)
    since a triangular *prism* has two bases, you divide 56 by 2.

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