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Match the hormone or regulatory mechanism to digestive function.?
a. Enterokinase b. gastrin c. intestinal cells of Cajal d. cholecystokinin e. CFTR
f.enteric nervous system

1._______ this hormone contributes to the secretion of pancreatic juice

2._______ this component of the nervous system regulates peristalsis

3._______ partial digestion of proteins in the stomach stimulates the release of this hormone

4._______ this receptor protein controls movement of chloride ion across the membranes of the pancreatic ductules; defects in this protein contribute to cystic fibrosis

5._______ this “brush border” enzyme, produced in the microvilli of the small intestine, is required for the activation of trypsin

6._______ these cells, neither muscle nor nervous cells, are thought to control segmentation of the small intestine

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    Ivy -- We do not do homework assignments or tests!

    I urge you to look up these hormones.

    Google is a great help for finding information.

    If all else fails, study your text!

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