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i don't understand what u said, writeteacher. can you show me? Can u proofread and show me how to fix me my writing?

Philip Malloy

Have you ever watched the movie? In the story, “Nothing but the truth,” by Avi, a boy named Philip Malloy had many traits to describe his character in the story. Philip Malloy was a funny person and a stubborn person.
There are many ways Philip was a funny boy. He cracked so many jokes that could’ve been serious, but they were too funny to be serious. He tried to be the class clown and make known for everyone to see him during his English teacher class, Miss Narwin. For example, when he said, “Girls go for guys that win,” (pg.3). That boy tried to made a joke by saying that.
Another trait that can describe Philip Malloy is stubborn. Philip was very into himself, he thought only of him, and what’s best for him. An example to describe stubborn is, “Studying is boring,” (pg, 7). He doesn’t know studying is boring, if he just takes a look at his friends that loves studying that want to be the best student and person they can be in the world. He would take notice and be someone when he gets older.
As you can see, two traits that caught my attention of the ninth-grade boy, Philip Malloy are funny and stubborn. He likes to be a comedian, but he sure knows, that he thinks of no one, but himself. Funny people have lots of jokes to make people laugh. Stubborn people get you nowhere. Does this person fit you too?

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