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A 5.10-g sample of iron is heated from 36.0oC to 75.0oC. The amount of energy required is 89.54 J. The specific heat capacity of this sample of iron is

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    The specific heat of a substance is the amnout of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 g of the substance by 1 degC.

    So temperature change is
    (75.0-36.0) degC

    Thus specific heat is
    89.54 J/(5.10 g x (75.0-36.0) degC)

    you will need to take care with sig figs.

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    when i try the question i get an answer of 2.22
    but the answer should be 0.450J/g*C

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    You must be punching in the wrong numbers on the calculator. Just estimating
    (90/5*40) = 90/200 = about 0.9/2 = about 0.45

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