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A copper ball has a mass of 1kg.Calculate the radius of the ball,given that the density of copper is 8900kg m-3

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    recall that the volume of a sphere (geometry of the ball) is given by
    V = (4/3)πr^3
    r = radius
    π = 3.14 (constant)
    thus to get radius, we need to first get the volume from the given mass and density.
    recall that density is just mass per volume, or
    d = m/V
    8900 = 1/V
    V = 0.0001124 m^3
    substituting these to volume of sphere,
    0.0001124 = (4/3)πr^3
    0.0001124 = (4/3)*(3.14)*r^3
    r^3 = 0.0001124 / 4.187
    r = cuberoot(0.00002684)
    r = 0.02994 or approx 0.03 m

    hope this helps~ :)

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