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Silver crystallizes in a face centered cubic unit cell with an edge length of 0.40836 nm. Calculate the density of silver in grams per cubic centimeter

i know the answer is 10.5 g/cm^3 but i keep getting lost in figure it out.

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    mass of mole Ag atoms = 107.868. Mass of 1 atom = 107.868/6.022E23 = ??
    ?? x 4 atoms/unit cell = mass unit cell in grams.
    Then density = grams/volume where volume = (0.40836E-7 cm)^3

    I obtained 10.52 g/cc.

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    for some reason i keep getting 2.63

    i got 1.79 x 10^-22 g / 6.823 x 10-23 cm^3

    and i keep getting 2.63...what an i doing wrong???

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    ohhhh never mind i forgot to multiply by 4....thank you

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