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Posted by Leslie on Friday, May 13, 2011 at 8:02pm.

Match the part of speech:

a. noun
b. pronoun
c. antecedent (the noun (or nouns to which a pronoun refers)
d. adjective
e. adverb
f. verb
h. conjunction

1. This stack of books is hers.
a. This = d. adjective
b. of = g. preposition
c. books = a. noun

2. The doctor sighed heavily at the patient.
a. sighed = f. verb
b. heavily = e. adverb
c. doctor = a. noun

3. When you call the hospital, please ask for the patient's current address.
a. ask = f. verb = b. pronoun
c. address = a. noun

4. There are no bruits auscultated.
a. are = ?
b.bruits = a. noun (medical dictionary)
c. auscultated = verb " "
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