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Grammar-agreement errors

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Match the correct type to agreement error to the sentence.
a. Verb tense agreement error
b. Subject/verb agreement error
c. Pronoun agreement error
d. Modifier placement error
e. Parallel structure error

1. A small laceration was on the patient's ear that he received during a fight.
Answer: A. ? (was in the past- he rceived is in the present)

2. If the patient wants to improve movement, they will have to attend physical therapy for several months.
Answer: c. ( they should be he)
Thanks - almost through this

  • Grammar-agreement errors -

    1. Did he receive the ear during a fight?

    2. Correct.

  • Grammar-agreement errors -

    Answer #1

    d. a modifier placement error

    The question must be asked WHO -

  • Grammar-agreement errors -

    Yes, 1 is d.

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