April 21, 2014

Homework Help: Algebra: Check please!!!

Posted by Cheryl on Friday, May 13, 2011 at 11:46am.

1. Find the x-intercept and the y-intercept of 8x - 2y = -24.
a. x= -7, y= 2
b. x= -4, y= 14
c. x= -3, y= 12
d. x= -7, y= -2
answer: a

Find the x- and y- intercept of the line 2x + 3y = -18.
a. x-intercept is 18, y-intercept is 18
b. x-intercept is -6, y-intercept is 9.
c. x-intercept is 2, y-intercept is 3.
d. x-intercept is -9, y-intercept is -6.
amswer c

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