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1.The number of spurs ( 'is', 'are', 'am') not identifiable.


2. One of the injection sites on the biceps ( seem, seems, seeming) inflamed.

ANSWER: seems

3. Digital examination of the lungs ( reveals, reveal, revealing) consistent pink tissue.
Answer: reveals

4. The patient's family is less agreeable than ( she, her, them).
Answer: her
Thank - you

  • Grammar -

    1. number is (spurs are) but here the subject is "number"

    4. she (than she is)


  • Grammar -

    1. Incorrect.
    The subject, "number," is singular, so the verb is "is."
    Note that "spurs" can't be the subject because it's in a prepositional phrase (of spurs.)

    2. Correct.

    3. Correct.

    4. Incorrect.
    This is tricky -- but in this construction, what you mean is: ". . . less agreeable than she is."

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