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From the indicated voltages for the voltaic cell pictured, determine the standard electrode potential, E°M3+/M, if the metal, M, is each of the following.

description on the image:

in the left beaker there is one Cr3+ and one Cr2+ on the right beaker there is 'M'3+
the left one is oxidation the right is reduction.

heres the given:

La, E°cell = -1.96 V

so i have to find the Voltage of La i got -1.54 but it was wrong. don't you just use the equation

-1.96 V= .424V(oxidation potential for the Cr2+... equation) + x

and solve for x??

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    What is La? Lanthanum. One of the various metals to plug into the problem? Do you want La^3+ + e ==> La^2+ or some other?
    Yes, I think you do that for the equation I think you misplaced a sign.
    Ecell = Eoxdn + Eredn
    =-1.96 = 0.424 + X
    X = -1.96-.424 = -2 something.

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