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Posted by anthony on Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 3:26pm.

1. Which sentence is NOT correct?

A. Anita would rather spend time with her daughter than with anyone else.
B. My little brother told me that North Dakota is less densely populated than any other state.
C. Jaime had more fun in Los Angeles than anywhere else.
D. My mother's family includes many more redheads than my father.

I think it's D?

2. Which sentence is NOT correct?

A. When she leaves the house, she always looks good.
B. The football team played badly today.
C. The teacher felt bad about the way he spoke to that student.
D. You look as though you do not feel way today.

I think it's C?

3. Which sentence is NOT correct?

A. The sales manager says that she doesn't ever accept personal checks.
B. When she has a headache, she never takes any aspirin.
C. He has done no work around the house today.
D. Today, most parents don't never spank their children

I think it's D?

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