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Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility

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analyze the following ethical scenario:

You are attending a National Covention in San Luis Opisbo for work. This is a convention that is annually attended by representatives from your employer and this is your first time attending. The convention registration fees and other expenses are paid by your employer. All of the attendees from your company work for one supervisor who is also attending the conference. All of your company’s attendees travel together by company van to the conference.

After one day of attending the conference, the supervisor leaves the conference and drives to San Francisco (about 3-4 hours away) to visit their significant other. The supervisor uses the company van for this purpose.

On the way back to San Luis Opisbo two days later, the supervisor is involved in an auto accident (not their fault) but the van is wrecked and cannot be driven. Now it is necessary to rent two cars to transport the employees and the equipment back to the office where each left their cars.

When everyone arrives back at the work location, you learn that the supervisor, who ended up flying back has told company management that the accident involving the van occurred on the way to get gas for the trip home.

No explanation is offered to explain why the van is three hours from where the attendees were staying.

The other attendees all know the real story.

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