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CH3OH  CO + 2H2 H = +90.7kJ

9. For the forward reaction, is heat being absorbed or released?

10. How much heat would be transferred if 45.0 g of CH3OH is decomposed?

11. What quantity of CH3OH decomposition would lead to an enthalpy change of 18.5 kJ

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    delta H is + which means heat is being absorbed.

    1 mole CH3OH (32 g) absorbs 90.7 kJ heat. So 45 g CH3OH will absorb 90.7 x (45.0/32.0) = ??

    Just use the above and plug in the numbers.
    90.7 kJ x (grams CH3OH/32.0) = 18.5 kJ. Solve for grams CH3OH

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