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Posted by Preston on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 5:09pm.

The space shuttle is in a 150km-high circular orbit. It needs to reach a 560km-high circular orbit to catch the Hubble Space Telescope for repairs. The shuttle's mass is 7.00×10^4kg.

How much energy is required to boost it to the new orbit?

In the original orbit, I calculated the shuttle's Ug = -(GMeMs) / r = -(6.67x10^-11 x Me x Ms) / (6370 + 150) = 4.28x10^15. I then calculated Ugfinal (when the shuttle is in the new orbit. I found this Ug = 4.029 x 10^15. I'm not sure if these Ug's are correct or what to do with them.

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