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1. An appositive:

A. is another term for possessive pronouns.
B. is an antecedent.
C. is always plural.
D. renames the noun.

I think it's D?

2. The pronoun "who" can be used for:
A. subjects
B direct objects
C. indirect objects
D. objects of the preposition

I think it's A?

3. Which of the following sentences used "you" correctly?

A. My parents visited London, where you can see Big Ben.
B. Although one might agree with the article, you should read it carefully to be sure.
C. To make scrabbled eggs fluffy, you must whip them quickly.
D. Alicia, you are the best choice for class president.

I think it's C?

4. Ab objective pronoun can function as the:

A. subject
B. direct object
C. predicate nominative
D. replacement for possessive nouns

I think it's B?

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    I agree with three of your answers, but # 3 is wrong.

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    okay is #3 D?

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    Right. 3 is D.

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    You're welcome.

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