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The Settlers

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Describe the conflict between the settlers and the Nor’Westers and the Métis. Include reasons for the conflict, details of the battle at seven oaks and the result.

The conflict between the settlers and the Métis is caused because of shortage of food. Selkirk is worried about his Scottish people, and he does not want them to suffer and starve, so he issues his Pemmican Proclamation which causes tension between the two groups. The conflict between the Settlers and the Nor’Westers are caused because Selkirk kicks the NWC out of Red River Valley as well. He doesn’t care about them either. The Métis start harassing the settlers. Robertson Semple, the new governor makes things worse, and burns one of the NWC’s posts. This action of Semple’s creates a war between the Metis and the settlers. Grant the leader of the Metis, makes a good plan, and he and the other Metis end up winning at the end.

I get how the settlers and the Metis started fighting, but could I know details of how the Nor’Westers and the settlers started fighting?

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    You already have the main details. The Metis harassed the settlers. One of NWC's posts is burned. The settlers fought back.

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    The Nor'Westers only got mad at the settlers because Selkirk kicked them out of his group. I don't ever think the NWC was in the group, but Im looking for a term that describes that he told them to leave, like betrayed or something..

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