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Write the letter that best identifies the type of evidence given in the statement.

1. Caryn is good at defense. She had seven steals in the last game.

A. first-hand observation
B. reason
C. fact
D. example

I think it's D?

2. The team's success is largely due to the experience of the returning players.

A. informed opinion
B. fact
C. reason
D. statistics

I think it's C?

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    I agree with your answers.

    However, check your text materials to see if #2 could be A.

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    It says informed opinions are the judgments of experts or authorities. Example: Pediatrician Susan Homes warns parents of the relationship between stress and poor health in teenagers.

    Reasons are underlying facts or causes that provide logical sense for a premise or occurrence. Example: Students who work full time clearly do not have the opportunity for extracurricular activities that non-working students have.

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    Thank you. You've just proved that your answer, C, is correct.

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    the point of view in which a character in the work that tells the story while experiencing

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