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Homework Help: Algebra 1

Posted by surfsupmel on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 9:39am.

Hi whoever is willing to help... I have to do a web-quest...

Gain The Summit


Mt. Everest is the tallest peak on earth. It is located in a mountain range called the Himalayas. Climbers can access this daunting peak through Nepal or Tibetan China. Climbing parties spend thousands of dollars on permits alone, in addition to the large amount of money it takes for travel and equipment. Even as expenses have soared over the years, more and more people are successfully reaching the summit at 29,029 feet above sea level.

In this web quest, you will use math concepts from the first three lessons of this course to describe the unique challenge and history of summiting the world's tallest peak.

The Task
You are assigned to be a coordinator for a group trying to climb Mt. Everest. Your team needs one more climber, so you must compile some information and organize it to help recruit potential teammates. You'll need to include material describing the history of climbing Mt. Everest as well as supply technical route and safety information to interest potential climbers. The result will be an information sheet for potential climbers to decide if they want to join you on the expedition.

The Process
1. Find a map of the area. Include the map and the hyperlink to where you found the map.

2. Use this map to name three neighboring countries and three nearby towns or cities surrounding the summit of Mt. Everest.

3. Calculate the distance from each of these three cities to Mount Everest. Give the distance in miles and kilometers. Include the formulas you used to calculate these figures.

4. Describe the climate and weather at Mount Everest. Include temperature ranges for the warmest and coolest months of the year. Give the temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade. Include the formulas you used to calculate these figures.

5. Name five of the popular climbing routes.

6. Select two of the popular climbing routes and identify the key places or camps. Make a table for each climbing route. Each table should include the name of each camp, the elevation of the

7. in an attempt to climb Mount Everest. Make a timeline starting from the first attempted summit through 2004. Indicate the number of summits each year and the number of deaths and the ratio of summits to deaths. Calculate the total number of summits, deaths, and summit-to-death ratio at the bottom of the table camp in feet, and the difference in elevation between each camp in feet. Identify which section of each route gains the most in elevation.

8. Use the table to make a list of as much of the necessary equipment as you can. You should include a list of at least 15 items. Assume that your climbing party has six climbers, eight climbing Sherpas, and 10 support Sherpas at base camp. All of the Sherpas are experienced climbers and will bring their own gear. Complete the table by totaling the cost for the equipment.

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