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trig question

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During a 12- hour period, the tides in one area of the Bay of Fundy causes the water level to rise to 6 m above the average sea level and to fall 6 m below average sea level. The depth of the water at low tide is 2m as measured against a pier.

Suppose the water is at average sea level (rest position) at 0:00 hours (midnight) and the tide is coming in. Draw a graph that shows the height of the tide over a 24-hours period. Explain how you obtain the graph???

I really appreciate any help.

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  • trig question -

    so period then is 24 hrs.

    Amplitude is 6m

    Draw a sin curve, starting at zero, max at 6 hrs, then back to zero at 12 hrs, then low min at 18 hrs, back to zero at 24

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