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Most of the vocabulary students will acquire throughout a school yearwill be through:

a. lessons you have taught throughout the school year;

b. classroom reading and self-selected reading;

c. specific strategies you've taught throughout the year;

d. none of the above

Research on second language vocabulary learning indicates that

a. some time should be spent on direct instruction;

b. time should be spent on classroom reading;

c. time should be spent on learning word lists;

d. all of the above

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    I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    Well I thought the first one was A. and the next one was D. all of the above. Is that right?

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    First: Did you learn most of your vocabulary through direct classroom instruction? I doubt it.

    Don't we learn new vocabulary through all of those means?

    I agree with your second answer.

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    Yes we learn from all those things but there is not all of the above answer?

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    Sorry, I misread the answer choices. I think the best answer is all of these. But since that's not one of your choices, then probably the answer your instructor wants is b., reading.

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    So are the answers B, and D

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    a and b

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